Steps to Recover Data From Norton Online Backup File

Apart from the security tools, the Norton Online backup feature is one of the premium features of the Norton Software that keep your data stored in a backup file in your windows explorer folder. Here, We will discuss how to recover files from Norton Online Backup and how you can delete a file from it.

The Norton backup Drive will be created automatically in the Windows Explorer window, once you will complete the configuration process of the Norton backup Drive. the folder will contain the list of all the destinations that are being used to protect your files. You can visit this folder to check the protected files. After that, you can disconnect the device again. Norton Online backup

If you wish to check files on an external device other than your local drive then you will be needed to enter the external drive such as USB, CD, DVD, etc. in your device and then you can access the backup file in Norton backup Drive. You can follow the steps to open the Backup file on Norton backup Drive.

  • Open the windows explorer window by pressing the Windows+E key.
  • Now open the Norton backup drive and then choose a destination folder.
  • Now choose the backup set to access the earlier protected files.

Norton Online Backup File Management

Once you will complete the configuration of the Norton Online backup on your device, the Norton backup drive will get available in the windows explorer window. Now, this drive will hold the different folders that will contain the destination of all your protected files and these destination folders will contain the backup setups to hold the backup files. You can access these protected files once you will configure the Norton Online backup. If you have kept the protected files in a media device, then make sure to connect it with your device in order to access the files. You can even log in to your Norton account to access the files stored on the drive.

How to Restore A Backup File?Restor Norton Online backup File

Now, If you are required to restore a backup file then follow the process given below. make sure to follow this process in order to avoid any kind of error.

  • Go to your desktop screen and press the windows+E key to open the windows explorer window.
  • Now click on the Norton Online drive to open it and then choose the destination of the backup you want to revive the file from.
  • Now from the backup destination folder, move to the backup set where the protected files are stored.
  • Choose the files which you want to restore and then right-click on it.
  • Click on the restore option and then wait. It will restore the file to the initial location.
  • ┬áIn order to restore the file within the Norton Online backup, right-click on the file.
  • Choose the restore option and then enter the location where you want to restore the file.

Steps to Delete Backup File from Norton Online Backup

If you don’t need a file anymore and you want to delete it then follow the steps mentioned below to delete a file from Norton online backup drive.Norton Online backup

  • Go to the Windows Explorer window and open the Norton Online Backup Drive.
  • Choose the destination folder from the list and then open the backup set destination folder.
  • Now select the file, you wish to delete and right-click on it.
  • Click on the delete option to delete the file.

After deleting the file, close the windows explorer window. So if you need to restore or delete a file from Norton Online backup then you can follow the methods we have explained above. We have tried our best to help you with a complete solution to resolve your issue. However, If you are getting any issue while restoring or deleting a file from Norton Online backup then you can visit However, In the case of Norton Error 25002, you can make use of the Norton 25002 error removal tool to get this issue fixed. the tool is designed specifically to deal with installation issues. the tool will perform a quick scan to detect and diagnose the issue that is causing the error.

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